Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time for the Great Summer Clean Out

No more excuses.

School is over and summer is upon us. I am not teaching, not testing, not chasing the kids all over the house to get them to do their schoolwork.

I am free. And the house must be sorted. With the school year finished and thoughts of a move ahead of us, I am getting rid of everything but the essentials. I am already relishing the thought of less clutter. Ahhh....

Let me wallow in that for a moment.
Less clutter.

To do:
* Sorting clothes and donating what we don't wear or what the kids have grown out of
* Shoes!! I'm listing this separately from clothes because it is a project in and of itself. We have a ridiculous amount of shoes.
* Selling furniture (already in the process- thank you craigslist)
* Get rid of blankets/towels/linens except the ones we use on a regular basis
* Books
* Memorables... what to keep and what to toss? Old soccer jerseys, my childhood scrapbook...
* Kitchen
* Toys- that's a hard one. The kids want to keep everything. Some must go.
* Decorations
* Garage stuff- bikes, camping equipment, tools

I should hold a "free sale" for my friends. I can just send out invitations that say "You are invited Tuesday night at 6pm. Please come look through my house, and if you see anything you can use, just take it away." It's a thought.

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  1. LOL! Sounds like fun! I wonder if it would help the kids to get rid of some toys if you say they can pick a certain number of things to keep each and then the rest they have to give away. I don't know if this is what you are already doing, but I figure saying choose this many to keep might work better than saying choose some to get rid of. Just a thought.