Monday, May 31, 2010

Beach camping... ahhh

What with it being the long Memorial Day weekend, we gathered up the kids, the camping gear, and a couple of friends and took off to Rhode Island. We put up camp in the rain, cooked in the wind, and finally crawled into our sleeping bags for a good night's rest. Friends had one tent, hubby and the boys had the second tent, and the girls and I took the third. I woke up to birds chirping in the trees overhead at fajr then prayed and went back to sleep. I gave myself permission (with the consent of my family) to sleep long after hubby and the kids were all up. I love tent sleeping. Or rather tent dozing-and-waking, listening to the sounds of leaves crunching while other people walk around outside, the sound of logs popping in the campfire, the whisper of wind against the tent, the tap-tap-tap of a little bug who keeps flying in the the tent in some disoriented way. After we all officially got up, we made tea on the open fire (hot cocoa for the kids), and had watermelon, oranges, danishes, chicken kabobs, roasted potatoes, and hot dogs for brunch. :) I love the way you can conglomerate camping meals and it all tastes good together. Then we packed up the tents and camping gear and drove 5 minutes to the beach, where we proceeded to spend the rest of the day. I got the kids suited up in swim gear and they all hit the waves. Z, my younger daughter, yelled and giggled and squealed until her throat was hoarse. AR, my older son, is usually pretty moody, but even he was happy all afternoon playing in the waves, his only complaint being when a crab pinched his finger. S, my baby boy, followed our friend Misbah around like a little puppy in and out of the water and exploring some big rocks covered in snails and barnacles. A, my teenage daughter, and I went hunting for sea glass and collected a dozen pieces in clear and green colors. Sitting on the sand in the sun and listening to the waves washing in and out on the shore does my psyche a lot of good.

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