Friday, May 21, 2010

In search of the quiet

I'm trying to figure out which things in my life are keepers, which are unnecessary, and which must absolutely be rooted out.

Some of the unnecessaries:
* Spending too much time on the computer
* Cell phone that leaves me constantly accessible

Got to stop:
* Over-committing
* Thinking I only get time to myself when there is leftover "extra" time (which there never is)

I'm still working on this list.

On the flip side, I also need to figure out what I need- that I'm not getting- in order to be peaceful. This includes:
* Time to devote to my hobbies (even late night will work)
* A day off every week from homeschooling, housework, and cooking
* Time to enjoy my kids, when we are just having fun and not trying to get something done
* Date nights with my husband (we've had one since we got married, and that was our 7th anniversary, the first anniversary we remembered to celebrate)
* The freedom to dream about possibilities without being laughed down or "reasoned" with

It's a start.


  1. I wish I could provide you another date night! I really enjoyed helping you guys get to spend your seventh anniversary alone together. Remember you can always dream about possibilities with me. We are usually on the same page, and even if we aren't I won't laugh at you or reason with you. You go on and dream woman! (and share them with me :)

  2. Hey, you found my blog! Yeah, I can't tell you how much we appreciated that date night. We didn't even know how to have conversation at dinner without the kids butting in- lol! And I definitely share my daydreams with you, because I know you won't dismiss them. Thanks, girlie. Love ya!